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“Mermer” a.d. is the oldest and largest company in Montenegro that deals with the exploitation and processing of “Maljat” stone. The company was founded in 1968 and today is a joint stock company with a majority of foreign capital and 75 employees. In 2020, the new majority owner company FH group decided to rebrand the public logo and create a new logo with the name “Maljat stone”. Also, the majority owner decided to completely reorganize the company in a way that both commercial and administration sections are to be moved to the capital of Montenegro Podgorica, where we created new headquarter offices and “Maljat” showroom for new projects. Our future goal is to invest more time in development of commercial and marketing activities across international markets. During 2023, the majority owner is planning to build a completely new showroom, offices and factory with the latest stone processing machines as well as digitalization of the whole systems inside factory and quarry with the goal to be able to complete the most complex projects on our own.

“Mermer” a.d. exploits the stone on the deposit “Maljat”, for which it has a 30-year concession as of 2020. The company has two production units: Quarry and Factory. Maljat quarry surface area is 254,233 square meters while Factory surface area is 22,783 square meters. Both production units are located close to the Municipality of Danilovgrad and 15 min. drive from Podgorica which is the capital of Montenegro. In 2023 company is preparing to reopen 2 new quarries on its land 390,000 square meters. Maljat Perlato and Maljat Beige will be two new stones which the company would like to introduce to the world market.


In addition to the exploitation of architectural-construction and technical-construction stone, which is carried out with the most modern equipment and methods, the company also deals with stone processing, i.e. production of a large number of stone products, with a rich array of processing options.


“Maljat” stone from our deposit has been installed on a large number of representative buildings throughout Europe, and it has found its place in distant destinations, as far as China and Australia. It is in high demand on the market due to its extremely popular shade, chemical composition and physical-mechanical properties. Its chemical composition guarantees safe use in buildings, from the aspect of environmental protection and human health. One part of the blocks that are taken out of the stone deposit is exported, and the other part of the blocks is processed in our own factory for the needs of the market. Our management team stands prepared to ensure maximum professional and commercial commitment to best meet the needs of our customers.


slavoljub popadić, CEO

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+10.000 finished projects
+ 32 countries
+ 1.000.000 m2 facades
+ 400.000 m2 tiles
+ 500.000 m2 other products
+ 285.000 m2 quarry
+ 75 employees

Maljat stone HQ
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headquarters in podgorica

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II dalmatinske BB, danilovgrad 81410, MNE



stock company




ulica svetlane kane radević 1, podgorica 81000, MNE


+382 20 26 66 66