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limestone quarry

The quarry is located 8 km from the factory. The quarry surface covers a vast area of 250 000 square meters and it produces more than 10 000 tons of “Maljat” in a one-year period. In our quarry, non-stop operation can be performed for 350 days thanks to the availability of the climate conditions, our machine park and required equipment.

The “Maljat” blocks produced in our quarry are used in various projects due to large reserves, continuity and rapid production. The “Maljat” blocks are produced under the supervision of our experienced and specialized team members using the high-tech working machines in our quarry equipped with modern facilities.

Our quarry has two wheel loaders, two mining excavators, one dumper truck, two fantini chain saw machines, four slim drills and five diamond saws.

quarry area

250 000 m2

yearly over
13 500 T




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